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School Registration Details

Welcome To ICM Weekend School Registration Information Page

ICM Weekend School conducts Sunday Classes during Fall and Spring semesters every year.  School year starts with Fall semester from September to December followed by Spring Semester from January to May. Classes are held between 9:45AM ~ 1:45PM on Sundays during the semester. Class schedules are posted in the calendar published in each semester.

Fall 2018 Registration

All students wish to continue attending ICM weekend School for Fall 2018, must complete Registration renewal by the due date mentioned below.


·       On-line registration will have the options to pay

o   Fees for the whole year with a $25 discount, or

o   Fees for one semester only with a $10 discount. 

·       Students registering on or after the first day of school (September 9) will not be able to attend their classes on the day they registrar. They will be able to attend their classes starting from the following school day.

·       September 23, 2018 is the last day for late registration.  No new students will be enrolled after this date.

·       Children beginning KG this year must be at least 5 year old by September 1, 2018.  A copy of the birth certificate is required to register for KG.

·       New students registering for grade 2 and up will be evaluated for class placement hence the students must be present during in-person registration on September 8, 2018 (Saturday) between 11:00 am and 1 pm or during school hour.

·       New KG and 1st grade students may register during in-person registration or mail-in registration form by September, 1 2018.


·       $25 late fee applies for registration after September 8, 2018





August 6-September 8, 2018


On-line registration for Returning Students Only

On-line registration for Returning Students using online payment. Instruction for online payment is available at Instructions: How to pay online

Post mark by September 1, 2018

Mail –in Registration

(For returning students and for new KG and 1st grade students)

Registration Form

Please find the details below

September 8, 2018 (Saturday)

Between 11:00am~1:00pm

(One day only)

A Late Registration Fee Applies after September 9, 2018

On-Site registration

For Everyone

Including New Students

Please Note that there is NO AUTOMATIC enrollment. All students MUST re-register

Sunday, September 9, 2019

First Day Of Class: Fall 2018


Students registering on or after September 8 will not be able to attend their classes the day they register.  They will be able to attend their classes starting from the following school day. 






General Guidelines


Families can renew registration by paying online.  Online payments can be completed using the link https://icomd.org/login.asp?rdcode=schpo


In-Person registration

Payments for registration renewal are accepted at school office between 10:30 am~1:00 pm on Sundays when the school is open. We accept credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), Checks and Cash payments.



Mail-in Registration

Please enclose follow items below and send (mail) to Mail to the address below.  All mail-in registration letters must be post marked by the mail-in registration deadline (09/01/2018) for Fall 2018:


Send the completed registration form along with payment check for the right amount (including any donations) to attention of:


Sunday school Registrar

Islamic Center of Maryland

19411 Woodfield Rd

Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Please Note, that images need to have the full URL to them and must be available on your site as they will 
not be sutomactically uploaded by the this application.

Registration Fees (Per semester)

Fees are same for all grades.

1 (One) Child :  $180

2 (Two) Child :  $270

3 (Three) or More Children : $360

* Cost of Text Books are included

Additional Realted Links


Instructions: How to pay online

Registration Form